Believe it or not, but Islamabad, one of the most beautiful and developed cities of Pakistan, is among the leaders of the modern real estate world. Since the city provides the investors with opportunities and attainments, its population has seen a rapid rise in the recent years. If you’re looking for the best housing scheme in Islamabad, the city has many investment opportunities. And it will become an even better option in the coming years.

There are many attractive reasons that make the investment potential of Islamabad outstanding as compared with other cities. For instance, the green city has a number of new constructions, and the property prices are quite affordable.

Also, it offers the most appealing rental and economic position. Above all, the local economy is very cheap, so international investors can easily participate and make profits. Just like every city, Islamabad has some areas that show an incredible amount of potential. We have listed the best three areas for you:

1. Mivida City: Get The Finest Plot For Sale in Islamabad

Mivida City has contributed massively for the growth of real estate in Islamabad. Located ideally at Main Chakri Road, Mivida City connects you to many important places and roads of the city. It’s only a few kilometers away from the New International Airport and various major roads, such as M2.

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Mivida City does not only offer residential and commercial plots but public and living resorts as well. Having an outstanding variety, we are sure that Mivida City Islamabad has a great plot for sale in Islamabad for you. More importantly, properties in Mivida City are highly affordable. You can find residential plots in sizes from 5.5 Marla to 2 Kanal with flexible payment plans.

The ongoing development of the area is increasing the value and demand of Mivida City day by day. Also, there are numerous aims and amazing future development plans for this area, which ensures that the place has a bright future. What makes Mivida City Islamabad a profitable area is that it embraces urbanization and luxury like no other place. With that, it aims to raise the standard of living and development. In all developmental aspects, Mivida City Islamabad gives rise to modernization and international standards, which appeals to modern time investors.

2. Khanial Homes Islamabad: Experience The Most Magnificent Real Estate in Islamabad

Khanial Homes was designed to become the best housing scheme in Islamabad. The project was developed to offer luxury to its residents. Khanial Homes consists of a large chunk of land where you can find numerous commercial and residential plots of varying sizes at affordable rates. So Khanial Homes definitely has a plot for sale in Islamabad for you.

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Not only that, but Khanial Homes is only 15 minutes away from the new international airport. The roads surrounding the area will also take you to the CPEC resort in 5 minutes. Other nearby landmarks are the Chakri and Thaliyaan interchanges and the M2.

Because of the top-notch location, grand amenities, and global development, this place is becoming a hub for residence and investment both. Due to the exclusive future plans, the value and price of property at Khanial Homes are expected to increase significantly. The current prices are highly affordable, and even easy instalments are offered to investors and buyers.

3. Green Oaks Islamabad: Find Diversity In One Place

Green Oaks Islamabad is a safe and secure project and investment. Because of that, the rate, demand, and value of this area are increasing exponentially, which attracts many people. Over the years, Green Oaks has joined hands with people from many different backgrounds and, thus, offers extraordinary diversity in real estate, plots, and prices today.

This also enables Green Oaks to become simple and approachable. For that, it offers easy and flexible payment plans. Khanial Builders has chosen this location tactically as it connects you to various important areas and offers you many benefits of buying a property here.

The residents of Green Oaks get all the modern amenities and the best infrastructure, and these benefits will only grow in the future. In the future, Green Oaks aims to become a place that gives even higher ROIs to everyone involved with it. Many reliable future plans are planned to improve the investment environment of Green Oaks even more. This includes its upcoming raise in financial status and expansion in development.

Get The Best Plot For Sale In Islamabad

If you’re looking for a luxurious and affordable plot in an area that is remarkable in all aspects, get in touch with Khanial Builders. Our exceptional projects are leading the real estate industry in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Our doors are always open for you, so come anytime and have a chat with us.