To some extent, we all know the value and benefits of real estate investments, we all have seen people around us who are making extra-sum of money with it by putting quite lesser efforts in and getting greater benefits out. But we still want an assurance of research and analysis to avail the huge perquisite and it could only be availed in a beneficial way by dealing with the right kind of property holders. And in terms of integrity, expertise and leadership, Khanial Builders and Developers is one of the well-known real estate companies, pinpointed in one of the most beautiful capitals of the world’s vicinity, Islamabad-Rawalpindi.

Let’s bring some more light on defined calibre of Khanial Homes!

Easy affordability with easy installments.

First and the foremost mandatory trait while buying a property is your affordability. And Khanial Homes stays side by side with you to support you in this financial vicinity and grow real estate business at quite affordable prices with leading and glamourous opportunity of easy installments in the city of capital.

The Premium Location

The most important feature of a profitable estate is its prime location and Khanial Homes are built in the first ever eco sustainable city system of Pakistan, tagged as “Green Development with Smart Features,” where exceptional atmosphere bestows residents with an alluring life of mesmerizing site views and is located near chakri interchange on main chakri road with an easy access to all areas of Rawalpindi (mainly Rawalpindi Ring Road) and a very short distance to the Islamabad city, quite near to the Islamabad International Airport.

High Class Infrastructure

After location, comes the infrastructure that leads regular lives into the lives of luxury. And Khanial Homes’ unprecedented infrastructure matches well with such life of grandeur with its first ever introduced in Pakistan, an exclusive green development system, smart features for IT needs in real-estate industry, top-class educational institutes, lavish superstores, awe-inspiring buildings and splendid bungalows and much more to mesmerize tenants with such life of magnificence.

low cost plots in islamabad
Variety of Plots

Along with convenience of reasonable prices and easy instalments, Khanial Homes brings in a tremendous variety of residential  plots to hit the glory. Khanial builders and developers offer residential plots for sale in Islamabad in sizes of 3 Marla, 5 Marla, 6 Marla,7 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla and 14 Marla in Islamabad. And for your substantial benefits of investment, it also offers 1 Kanal and 2 Kanal plots that stand there as a way to mutual success for themselves and their dealers.

Let’s make it whole.

If you are interested in exalting your life by using sublime means of real estate in Islamabad, then Khanial Homes will never set back to meet your expectations and satisfaction with its huge offer of greater affordability with easy installments, premium location, high class infrastructure, and variety of plots.